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Data Management
Changing market structures require energy companies to effectively and efficiently store and manage large volumes of metering data - data from which value can be extracted to enhance customer service levels and profitability.

Data Management
Kinetiq's Data Management module imports interval (time of use) and basic consumption data from collection systems which is then stored in a compressed, encrypted and time bound powerfile format.Metering data is allocated a range of attributes including physical location, customer, customer type, retailer and location on the distribution network.
Each PowerFile is encrypted and secured with access passwords ensuring that unauthorized personnel cannot read the data.

Data Aggregation
Metering data can be rapidly aggregated and profiled by attribute. Data aggregation has applications in billing, reporting, analysis and market settlement.

Data Export
Rapid retrieval of data by individual metering point or aggregated by attribute for export to other Kinetiq modules (e.g. Billing) or to third party applications. The Kinetiq Data Access Object (DAO) provides the option to output aggregated data in a universal csv format.


Energy companies need to collect, store and manage increasing volumes of metering data. Kinetiq's PowerView module provides the ability to readily access and extract value from stored data.


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