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The Kinetiq billing system has been designed to simplify the management of tariffs, customer contracts and the billing process.

Tariff Structure
The Kinetiq billing system uses a component based tariff structure. This parameter driven multi tier tariff structure allows users to create reusable components that are easy to set up and maintain. A simple copy function speeds up the creation of similar new components.

The component based tariff structures support a wide range of tariff types which allows the simple creation and management of the following:
• Real time pricing
• Multi-commodity (electricity and gas) sales
• Maximum demand
• Stepped tariffs
• Seasonal tariff variations
• Daylight saving variations
• Co-generation billing
• Sundry sales and recurring charges
• LDC (distribution company) billing
• Third party supplier billing
• Interruptible load credits / penalties
• Multi level discounts Contract Structure

The Kinetiq system has been designed to manage the most complex account relationships with an multi-level structure. This allows for many combinations of customized contracts to be aggregated and billed to single and multiple entities.

The Kinetiq system manages a flexible relationship between Customer - Account - Premise - Meter. The contract structure supports unlimited numbers of meters per customer.

The contract structures may be configured to invoice to any tier within the group while reporting specific details to other tiers automatically. Contracts can be set up as an Open Invoice allowing the billing process to continue without errors, and permitting the  invoice to remain open until all the meters have been billed.

Multi Product
The Kinetiq billing system is unit independent allowing the billing of multiple commodities, either independently or on the same bill.

Complex Billing
The combination of the Kinetiq Tariff and Contract structures simplifies the management and billing of the most complex accounts including the following difficult issues:

Interval meters

Group accounts with tens of thousands of meters and many complex tiers in the relationships

Replicating and verifying Transmission and Distribution Use of System (D/TuoS) charges for multiple LDC’s.

Co-Generation or embedded generation contracts.

Sub-metered (billed and unbilled) accounts.

Un-metered loads and losses.Automated Billing.

The Kinetiq system can be configured for automated billing in 3 ways:

Billing Cycles - contracts can be configured to bill on target date ranges, this retains the flexibility necessary to solve the billing issues that will occur with complex accounts.

Receipt of Data - the arrival and automated importing of meter data can trigger the bill sequence for the related customer. Any bill issues that occur are written to an audit log and reported to the administrator.

External Trigger -The Kinetiq system supports calls made from 3rd party systems to initiate the billing process.

Manually Initiated Billing
Billing can be initiated manually, very simply, for one or more accounts on a regular and/or ad-hoc basis.


Energy companies need to collect, store and manage increasing volumes of metering data. Kinetiq's PowerView module provides the ability to readily access and extract value from stored data.


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