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Energy Industy Challenges
The changing marketplace.

There is currently a worldwide trend towards deregulation of the energy industry. Most developed countries where supply capacity meets or exceeds demand have at least considered deregulation options. Many have already embarked on a structured path towards full energy market deregulation with others still at the planning stage.

Energy industry challenges.
The impact of the changing energy industry is widespread. Deregulated market retailers need to provide more sophisticated and responsive energy products and services in order to survive in competitive market places.

Lines Companies in deregulated market have to deal with multiple retailers trading over their networks while continuing to meet service and cost parameters established by market regulators.

Regulated market utilities are also experiencing new challenges and opportunities. Changes in the energy industry have tended to increase customer and regulatory expectations calling for increased operational efficiency and effectiveness.

The challenges that many energy companies are now facing are so often made more difficult by the fact that most legacy management systems were developed for the traditional, fully regulated energy industry. Such systems only rarely provide the functionality, flexibility and scalability that is now required.

Kinetiq : Solutions for today's energy markets.
Kinetiq has grown from within the New Zealand energy industry which was one of the first markets in the world to become fully deregulated. More than twenty years of deregulated, deregulating and regulated energy markets is embodied in Kinetiq's customer, data and energy contract management products.

The energy publication article, Deregulation Lessons from Downunder, provides an insight into the Australasian energy industry while providing some pointers of relevance to energy markets elsewhere.


Energy companies need to collect, store and manage increasing volumes of metering data. Kinetiq's PowerView module provides the ability to readily access and extract value from stored data.


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