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Energy Industry Challenges: Regulated Utilities

Utilities operating in the regulated sector of the energy market are typically vertically integrated with distribution, retail and sometimes generation operations. Some are not-for-profit organisations owned by the communities that they serve while others are subsidiaries of investor owned utilities.

Industry deregulation has introduced retail competition in many energy markets. Regulated utilities do not compete for customers in deregulated markets but supply only customers connected to their distribution network. The tariffs that can be offered are constrained by the regulator and in some markets incumbent utilities are nominated as suppliers of last resort.

The deregulation process has had an impact on many regulated energy utilities. Those operating in deregulated markets now have to deal with third part retailers trading over their distribution networks. They also have to measure and meet regulatory performance obligations. Some utilities have also noticed that stakeholders have enhanced expectations of customer service and operational efficiency.

Many regulated utilities have found that they need new tools to operate in the evolving energy marketplace. Many have found that legacy customer management tools simply do not offer sufficient functionality and flexibility.
Kinetiq's suite of products has been developed to assist utilities - both regulated and nonregulated - in the evolving energy marketplace.

A Kinetiq Regulated Utilities industry paper review some of the ways in which utilities operating in deregulated markets can improve their performance, service levels and return on investment.


Energy companies need to collect, store and manage increasing volumes of metering data. Kinetiq's PowerView module provides the ability to readily access and extract value from stored data.


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