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Energy Industry Challenges: Retailers

The challenges for retailers trading in competitive markets are not unique to the energy industry.

Customers will inevitably compare product and price when selecting a retailer to meet their needs and will have service expectations in the delivery of that product.

Tailoring appropriate and attractive products to each of the retailer's target market sectors will require a close analysis and understanding of the particular needs of each sector. A well structured sales & marketing strategy will need to be established to ensure that as many appropriate customers as possible are attracted to the retailer.

Energy trading takes place on regional or national energy markets. Carefully matching products to customer needs and to wholesale market conditions is essential in opitimizing profitability.

Retailers must also meet the particular needs of the energy market which will include meeting settlement requirements and ensuring that any regulatory obligations are satisfied.

A Kinetiq industry paper, Managing C&I Customers in Competitive Markets, draws upon experience gained from around the world in identifying some of the key drivers for successful retailers operating in deregulated, competitive energy markets.


Energy companies need to collect, store and manage increasing volumes of metering data. Kinetiq's PowerView module provides the ability to readily access and extract value from stored data.


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